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Executive Search

Leadership is the single most important contributing factor to an organization’s success. Board level appointments, Senior Executives and Top Management form the most critical resources in any organization. 

Executive Search is defined by the expertise, knowledge and network that we have across sectors to play the crucial role of identifying, screening, assessing and hiring the most suitable resource. 

This service is conducted in strict confidence and in an extremely discreet manner, providing both the client and candidate with an unmatched experience

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Ablycon provides pre-screened profiles based on your specific requirements within a short time frame. Our team of professional recruiters are capable of delivering services of the highest quality and offering end-to-end support. Our specific selection process ensures a high hit ratio. 

AblyCon has a dedicated team of domain experts delivering high quality recruitment solutions and has successful recruitment practices across industries, servicing leading MNC & Indian organizations


Resume Screening

AblyCon is best at resume screening. Our resume screening process helps in bridging the gap between Recruitment & RPO

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